Zipr Shift Klōs® - Low Tech, High Impact

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Zipr Shift LLC produces a revolutionary bio-inspired closure which mimics the spine in order to achieve the features essential for a flexible, durable, hermetic closure. The closure, currently named the Klōs® brand closure, is a synergy of the two current standards of zipper technology: the slide fastener comprised of rigid teeth or coils and the wholly flexible press-to-close fastener of packaging. This harmony of rigidity and flexibility enables the Klōs® brand closure to effectively eliminate the problems yet maintain the benefits of the two 19th century closure technologies, surpassing both products in utility for 21st applications in defense, aerospace, packaging, fashion, and more.

The Klōs® brand closure is cost-competitive and more durable than both old-fashioned closures. Furthermore, it’s the most distinctive proprietary closure in nearly two centuries- the first and the only closure of its kind.

The best part is it works exactly as its predecessors do as it opens and closes just as easily, with or without a slider. End users are able to operate it instinctually. Furthermore, it can be bonded, welded, sewn, or otherwise attached to other materials just the same.

While it functions similarly to past closures, the Klōs® brand closure isn’t made exactly like any closure to ever exist. It’s made in a streamlined extrusion process that is a much more economical manufacturing process than molding three or more different kinds of zipper teeth or coils onto fabric tape as the current toothed fastener is produced. The Klōs® brand closure’s tape is standardized and symmetrical. We’re cost competitive with competitors at low volume even when MADE IN USA.

An enhanced closure can improve a multitude of industries as closures are an integral part of numerous products. For this reason, the market for reclosable fasteners is a modest estimate in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

The Klōs® brand closure will eliminate problems and serve a public good as it has the potential to …

…save the lives of our warfighters by preventing chemical and biological agents from seeping through their protective gear:

…allow space inflatables to be made and repaired more efficiently and cost effectively: &

…enable astronauts to wear comfortable, light-weight spacesuits while they perform hard labor on the Red planet (Mars):

…eliminate many small parts present in current zippers that pose injury and choking hazard to small children:

…prevent consumer brands from facing negative reviews and zipper warranties that drain profits:

…improve public safety and security by preventing thieves from easily accessing the personal belongings of travelers:

…reduce the amount of celebrities facing negative PR and embarrassment over wardrobe malfunctions:

…save consumers time and money when buying bulk products by them not needing to buy and clean plastic containers to keep extra product fresh:

…reduce waste/pollution as the clothing industry is the #2 source of pollution somewhat due to broken zippers:

…reduce the amount of water used in the polymer zipper dyeing process compared to dyeing a fabric zipper tape:



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