Young Laser Thruster

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My design is based on a laser sail but with a laser and a mirror attached and another stationary mirror. The stationary mirror reflects the laser back into the other mirror which reflects the laser back into the stationary mirror and so on and so forth propelling the non-stationary mirror and laser. What makes my design novel is the laser and a mirror are incorporated into the thruster. Whereas similar designs have either a mirror or laser with one stationary and the other moving. My design has both the laser and a mirror moving with a second stationary mirror. The second stationary mirror reflects the laser back into the moving mirror providing more force than similar designs. To manufacture my thruster I would recommend using a constant high powered laser like Wicked Lasers 3.5w spyder 3 arctic or something stronger and a high polish silver plate but there are cheaper alternatives like a regular mirror. The thruster would be relatively easy to build the challenging parts would be placing the lasers so that they would reflect correctly and polishing the silver if you choose to use silver. It would be suitable for space travel onboard a probe or a manned space craft it could also be placed on a lander.


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