SOLLUX Composite Repair System

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SATTO Rapid Repair Systems are a revolution in repairing damaged aircraft cabin interiors. Fully compliant with REACH, MSDS requirements and setting the industry standard for engineering support with EASA Approved Technical documents.

SATTO Rapid Repair Systems are fast, ultra-strong and long lasting. Following our clear instructions, repairs can be carried out on-wing or in a workshop — no need for specialised tools or lengthy technician training.

This entry presents SOLLUX - SATTO's innovative new system for repairing composite components such as overhead bins, sidewalls, etc. Fully backed up with Engineering Orders, the SOLLUX system is fully tested and allows for use on all commercial aircraft.

Bonding composite repair materials currently used within the industry require a cure time of between two and 28 days at room temperature. Our repair resin SA30-30 will cure in just 15 minutes.

For dents up to 4 inches, and/or cracks up to 12 inches. Parts can be repaired from dent to new core and cap in around 35 minutes. Work can be carried out in a workshop or even on wing.

Limited tooling requirements - no hot bonders, heating mats or expensive bagging systems. The SOLLUX SA500 Cure Emitter is now available commercially. Details on training and how to use the system are available at


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    Gary Townley
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    Team SATTO: Gary Townley Duncan Hammond
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    Working in the aviation industry, it was frustrating seeing damaged plastic and composite parts going to landfill, while we waited for replacement parts, often with long lead times. This inspired SATTO SA20-21, a new way to repair damaged plastic components which in turn led to the development of SOLLUX for repairing damaged composite parts.
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