Inverted Magnetron as an RF Source for EM Drive

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The proposed concept of a RF pumping source embedded into a resonant RF cavity of the resonant cavity thruster (EM Drive), consisting of a cylindrical tube and a frustum coupled together, assumes to use the cylindrical copper tube coupled with the smaller-diameter side of the main copper frustum as a body (cathode) of an inverted coaxial magnetron.

The proposed concept assumes that the inner surface of the copper tube will be covered by an electron emitting substance, such as carbon nanotubes (CNT) for instance, and used as a cathode of an inverted magnetron, while the multi-cavity anode of the inverted magnetron will be centered inside the copper cylinder.

The main advantage of the proposed design is that the copper body of the resonant cavity thruster will be powered by the same negative potential as the main chassis of a space vehicle (EM Drive), while the anode of the inverted magnetron will be powered by a positive potential of a voltage source driving the inverted magnetron.

The main challenge of the proposed design is that the whole volume inside the resonant cavity thruster should be kept at a good vacuum condition, which, of course, would not be a big problem in an outer free-space environment.


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