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"Hanger" is a conceptual aircraft as seen in the enclosed drawing. It doesn't have wings to lift. Instead, we have two propellers.

One is the aspirating propeller at about the middle and the second one is at the tail which is a viper propeller.

Hanger Aircraft has two jet engines, one for the viper propeller at the tail and the other one for the aspirating propeller.

Propellers blow the over passing air down into the jet engines compressor inlet. Air aspiration in turn is aimed to provide necessary lift for the aircraft. Jet engines are placed from rear to the forwards. Jet outlet with surpass air is driven towards jet fuselages at the head of the aircraft. One at right and the other at the left. Jet is driven out with a controllable angle rearward and downward.

Hence the aircraft is directed as needed. This also opens a hole for the aircraft to fly through.

Basicall it's considered to be a passenger aircraft and for cargo transportation.


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    truck engine noise causes window glass to vibrate
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