Free Energy Generator for Aerospace and Defense

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This machine is based on gravity and potential energy formula. As per the sketch a heavy weight will be attached with a scale and a pulley + generator will work as a input source. Though the energy generated by this system will not be sufficient so an initial input will work to start the device.

A spring based generator under the front load will work to generate energy by compressing and stretching the spring and a piston based generator will also work to generate energy, when the tail of scale will hit with it. We can also use a MECHANICAL HAMMER to press the tail part of scale to replace the ball just as like my finger to press the tail of scale again and again. The front load is lifting up 5 centimeter height and the system height is 10 cm ,when it is balanced.

Now take front load weight 100 kilogram and ball weight 7 kilogram.
Potential energy formula
7*10*.10=7 joule(input)
100*10*.05=50 joule(output)
Energy generate due to 7 kg weight due to gravity will be 7 joule
Energy generate due to tail part will be 7 joule.

It is a very simple design and someone must come forward to build a full scale model from this community. THE OUTPUT WILL BE ALWAYS GREATER THAN INPUT.

In this design thermodynamics laws will not work. There is no entropy in this design.
This can change the whole world of aerospace and defense.



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