Free Guided and Controlled Path Travel Futuristic Vehicles

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Design Statement:
This type of transportation system is able to run, hover on the road surface and fly in the air. Vehicle has combined features of car-airplane-train-skater-hovercraft.
To drive the vehicle in forward direction following are options:
1. Four-wheel power drive
2. Height adjustable arm’s wheel drive
2. Thrust generated by propellers or other suitable thrust engine
3. Combination of wheel drive and thrust drive.

To lift and hover the vehicle in upward direction following are the options:
1. With the help of wings/fold-able wings
2. Vehicle without wings/ or body's airfoil shape work as wing to generate the lift force.

Vehicle can adjust its height while travelling with the help of hydraulic or pneumatic powered adjustable arm.

To steer the vehicle following are the options:
1. Swivel movement of elevators that are mounted on the vehicle
2. Steering system of two wheels as of the four-wheel assembly
3. By steering the height adjustable arm’s wheel

To brake the vehicle following are options:
1. Drag force generated from wings with the change in Angle of Attack
2. Installed brakes in four wheels as well as in height adjustable arm wheel.

Track design: Track is made from the number of blocks that are connected in series to make a long chain of track. Some of these track blocks are able to adjust their width up to some length to assist the vehicle’s entrance in the track or exit from the track.

Stage 1: Vehicle runs on the road surface
Stage 2: Vehicle starts to hover and going to enter into adjustable width track.
Stage 3: Vehicle is running, hovering, takeoff, flying and landing on adjustable track.

Other types of lift & propulsion technology for this transportation:
1. Magnetic levitation between track’s electromagnetic coils and vehicle’s base electromagnetic coils
2. Round wheel propellers
3. Magnetic levitation between track’s electromagnetic coils and round wheel’s electromagnetic coils.


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