Non-lethal Ultra Bright Ultra Loud Sphere "Screaming Sphere"

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In our world today we are faced with many challenges regarding lethal weapons used by law enforcement and the military. I have designed a non-lethal polyhedron plastic sphere that creates an ear-piercing siren and temporary vision disturbance. Our brains are stimulated in multiple ways. When adrenaline kicks in during acts of rage or rioting the mind has tunnel vision. The idea is to create a mental interruption of the assailant in these highly escalated situations with loud sirens and debilitating light flashes from super bright LED lights. The theory is by diffusing the thought process in circumstances such as: riot control, hostage situations, active shooter situations, military breach operations to allows a break in the situation for nonleathal interventions and response. As we see daily in the media there are many opportunities for use of this device on a large or small scale. The ease of use is the best part. Law enforcement can easily throw the device to the designated target area. The device is activated by impacting a surface or remote controlled.

The "screaming sphere" will take the place of a "flash bang" and become the next generation of riot control on the streets and prisons. It will diffuse hostage situations across the globe, and eventually small scale local situations like the standoffs in place like Chicago.


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    Michael Weimer
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