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Till date very little has been reported about the issues of Hirakud Dam. Increasing deterioration of soil in the catchments is causing erosion of the subsoil, resulting in Sedimentation and Siltation, Largescale water-logging, seepage and unscientific water distribution system are only a few to name. In addition, the Flood control objective of the dam conflicts with the other objectives of irrigation and hydel power generation.

Various Research and Reports suggest that 43 percent of silt was assumed to be annually trapped in the reservoir. This has led to loss of the live storage capacity at an annual rate of 0.4 per cent from the beginning of impoundment in 1956.

As an obligation of the technical university, towards the Mahanadi River Valley, and Due to the unavailability of relevant data, through this project the aim is to provide most precise and highly accurate data to the concerned authorities who can take necessary steps for the better upkeep of the dam as well as the communities involved.

The survey would be carried out using a Sounding Rocket designed and indigenously developed in the Idea Lab of VSSUT, Burla. The satellite will be carrying a CubeSat payload of well equipped with ultra-modern technologies.

Once the CubeSat is deployed at the apogee, it will be monitoring the real time scenario of the world famous Hirakud dam. The dynamic scanning system would provide the base station with the real time raw data of the entire study area.

We aim to build, launch, test and recover indigenously developed Launch Vehicles and Prototype Satellites.

To provide an educational experience to students in the design, flight and data analysis of a space experiment.

This program is intended to prepare students for an exciting, technical challenge that may lead to launching space experiments into low earth orbits and beyond.


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    Apurwa Masook
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    Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya Jaswasi Sahoo Sovan Panda Sudarshan Samal Tatwamsiddha Nanda
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    Hirakud Dam, the core part of Mahanadi River Valley development project serves crores of people. Therefore, the project provides us scope to touch the lives of so many people. We wish to lay the foundation of our space faring journey with this small step and ultimately we plan to work in collaboration with ISRO. We’ve come a long way, from grouping wherever space was available, to having a research lab dedicated to us for use. Through it all we have and will continue to take everything in our stride. After all, it is the rough road that leads to the heights of success. Family as well as Alumni support has been instrumental to us in our journey as we could not have achieved anything without their endless belief in our capabilities and stimulating support.
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