Revolutionary Mobile Shield for Soldiers and Policemen in Front Lines

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Terror threats across the world, soldiers and policemen fight in the front lines every day. 24 hours and 7 days patrolling is an important tactical operation to control a dangerous area. A robot, a robotic vehicle, or an autonomous driving car are more focused on specific task or civil transportation, they are not intended to be used as a bullet resist equipment. Neither an armored vehicle nor personal protection equipment can protect soldiers and policemen from multiple directions attacks. Soldiers and policemen expose to assault firearms when they get off the vehicle and fight against terrorists face to face in short distance. We are sorry for their wound and lose life, we wonder why we can’t provide best equipment to make job do. Now we can give brave soldiers and policemen better equipment by our new concept Mobile Shield.

Our revolutionary Mobile Shield has dual side doors in an armored vehicle. The closed dual side doors reinforce protection, the opening dual side doors create a safe space where soldiers can stand up for watching and firing back. Our new mobile shield design can provide reliable multiple direction protection, will reduce soldier’s wound significantly. This new dual side doors armored vehicle is good plate form for autonomous driving car that can used to protect small business in unsafety neighborhood for increase local jobs by patrolling 24 hours/7 days in low risk and cost.

We believe your advanced technology and experience could combine the dual side doors into most of armored vehicle for developing a better protection to soldier and policeman


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    Could we make a simple, reliable fitted, comfortable and visible N95 mask after we go to Mars? By using all of existed filtration, clear plastic, equipment, and process, we can make people wear a mask more safe, more comfortable, more visible for everyone in cheap cost in hard time.
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