Bullet Proof Kevlar Sheet and Non Newtonian Fluid

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Kevlar is used to build bullet proof jacket and other stuff. Non newtonian fluid is which fluid is not obey newtons force principle. This fluid is different from reguler fluids.

When the impact force is apply on this type of fluid and the thickness of fluid {volume in 3d}is sufficient. When force is applied it behaves like solid body and absorbs some of force.

i here combine both {kevlar + non newtonian fluid } to make my project.

My bullet proof sheet is appears as see in picture attach below. In figure see one sheet is out from bigger cylinder. In bigger cylinder sheet is in shape of spiral when pull outside it make straight like sheet.

Kevlar is bullet proof material and non newtonian fluid is also shock absorber. These properties make this product highly efficient.

1> product dimension.
sheet size =2 m^2
thickness = 8 to 10mm
12 revolution in spiral maximum

2> product testing.
product testing in solidworks by dropout test and buckling.

3> working of product.
it start from to stand of big cylinder in land at pre war time or in war time.

it just take 5 sec.

4 >applications.

1> for military for defence from bullet like whole body armour.
2> use by local police to defence.
3> light weight =4kg max


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    Dax Patel
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