Mars Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding

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The magnetic field on Mars' surface is 40 times weaker than that of the earth. This weak magnetic field makes life almost impossible because of the radiations exposed on the surface. Interest in radiation shielding to protect scientists and astronauts in habitats are taken by NASA and many private firms very severely and many projects have been funded to get the best designs for radiation shielding for interplanetary travel.

To overcome this problem and provide a suitable atmosphere for habitat we are providing an artificial magnetic shielded atmosphere with the help of a strong electromagnet. The electromagnet is provided around the habitat and this shields the habitat station on mars from Galactic cosmic rays. The high energy cosmic ray charged particles when interacting with the electromagnetic field gets deflected and moves in a direction away from habitat station. The magnetic field required to shield the radiations are given by the shielding power of the magnetic field. Using the shielding power, magnetic field strength is calculated to deflect high energy proton particles.

The project concludes that with high strength magnetic fields the particle velocity reduces and deflects from its original path and moves away from the shielded region. The challenge is to make the design in such a way that the humans living in the habitat are not exposed to this high strength magnetic fields. So our design was made with a rectangular toroid system which has the windings around the walls. By this way we can make the magnetic field to exist in the volume of the walls and not in the center of the toroid. Simulating the magnetic field strength distribution for this design is to be made and deflection of particles is to be proved with the help of a prototype.


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