Life Capsules

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"It's raining shelters, not bombs."

Life Capsules is a humanitarian project aiming to save living beings fleeing wars or natural disasters after the destruction of their communities. The compressed lightweight structure can be thrown from airplanes providing shelters for people in danger.

The concept of Life Capsules was initiated to provide quick and easily transported shelters for people in need after looking over the conditions of current existing humanitarian camps and the long process needed for their construction.

The idea sparked after knowing that up to 20 million people died in WWII indirectly, meaning they were subjected to death due to lack of nutrition, radiation, homelessness, etc. People subjected to wars, floods, earthquakes or any other humanitarian disaster could've survived if they were to find a safe environment which we aim to provide in our project.

The Structure of the Capsule:

1 - A Geodesic Dome created by a light weight plastic structure. The Dome is a hemisphere, inspired by Hoberman's sphere, which can be compressed to almost (1/4)th of its original size. This character, in addition to its light weight, allows a larger amount of capsules to be transported via airplanes. The fact that they could be dropped from airplanes means they could reach difficult zones and a larger amount of humans.

2 - The Capsule is covered from the inside with Kevlar which is a light fireproof material with resistance to radiation. The Kevlar creates a safe environment for the inhabitants of the capsule while preventing unhealthy exposure from the exterior environment. The base of the Capsule is made of thick rubber to provide insulation.

3 - The Capsule's structure expands from its compressed size by the accident force created in landing. Inspired by the airbag system in cars, the Capsule expands by 4 times of its original size once it hits the ground to reach its final shape which allows humans to inhabit its structure.

4 - Each Capsule is a part of a gathering information system called the IXAM designed to observe and feed any anomalies to the NASA database, also provided with a GPS tracker to allocate each capsule, in order to keep track of the capsules and the inhabitants inside.

5- When compressed the capsule provides a storage of food, water, first aid, sensor storage & battery storage for its inhabitants. The storage provides life for 6 persons over a week.

6 - The area of the capsule equals 19.6 m2, its volume is 32.7 m3 and maximum height when expanded equals 2.5 m. It can include 6 persons. Each capsule costs 3000$ including structure, storage, IXAM, etc.

The reusability of the capsule is the main aspect of its design. The structure could be used more than once due to the strength of its materials.



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