Ram Jet Liquid Oxygen/Fuel - Emulsion

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Commercial Supersonics Technology may be enhanced in the Hypersonic air-breathing propulsion area using an emulsion of fuel and water to fire ram jet engines. We propose that Emulsion Combustion Energy (ECE) can deliver oxygen to support fuel combustion at elevations where very little oxygen can be gathered, making combustion impossible. Mixing water and oil together to provide as a fuel will supply oxygen to the combustion chamber that would not otherwise be available. My friend and I have a piece of equipment that mixes water and oil to make an emulsion, “a fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible”. Steve and I worked together at Cavitronix for several years developing this machine and proving its capabilities on heating boilers and firing diesel engines. The oil was #2 diesel, commonly used as heating oil. The water was clean, distilled or filtered, void of dissolved minerals. The emulsion technology was successful in reducing particulate matter, soot, CO, CO2 and NOx, 8%-12% in controlled tests on the boiler, and diesel engine, and showed approximately 8% increase in fuel economy in the diesel engine. Cavitronix was unable to attract investors and they ran out of money, so the company ceased. Steve salvaged a few pieces of the equipment legally and Cavitronix has no patents or claims to any of the technology we are proposing.


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    Allen Thiel
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    Steve Hollingsworth, Kevin Clemmer, Stephen Gauldin
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    Can we take liquid oxygen into space to propel spaceships using combustion? We have incredible imiaginations that drive our abilities. Let's go farther faster to explore deeper into space.
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