Movable Airplane Wings

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We have advanced a lot in field of aviation. But still we are always primitive than the upcoming stage of the aviation. So I took a keen interest on the take off & landing system of an aircraft. The wings plays the most important part in it.

The wings creates the lift so that the aircraft rises above the ground while take off and drag as well while landing. While take-offs, we need lesser amount of drag that the lift as to fly above the ground. A drag is created with the lift due to the inclination of the fuselage as it hits the air. More drag means we need more power to create the overcoming lift to rise. That means more fuel to burn. So more expense & less efficient.

But what if we make the whole wings movable. If only the wings would make a suitable angle for the required lift we dont need to incline the whole plane for take off. That means a linear take off is possible. That will reduce the drag that comes from the lower surface of fuselage and the plane can take off with a very less angle of attack. Hence, fuel consumption while take off and during the flight gets comparably reduced . Also, the landing gears face very less pressure as the take off & landing is linear and is perfomed with 3 Landing gears simultaneouly. As a result, the life of engines, landing gears & the fuel consumption are enhanced with better flight results. So movable wings can change the future of aviation for far long with certain upgrades and changes.

( I wanna apologize to the orgainizers for paper illustrations as this is my pure idea & I couldnt think of any better option than this for the illustration. I just want people to think over my idea more than a prize award. I wanna thank the organizers for enabling people like me to present their thought & ideas.)


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    Since childood I was a curious kid. I always wondered how things worked. How can they be better every day I could only listen voices when I saw radio. But I could watch & listen both at the same time when I saw TV. What made that possible & how. I always wanted to be that guy who would make things possible. My curiosity is my teacher,inspiration & my guide. Be curious people. Dont just wish a shooting star to be successful. Just be curious what are those shooting stars and why do they keep falling on earth!!!
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