Combat Autonomous UAV for Border Security and Emergency Encounters

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles possess growing interest in media and literature because of their wider application for Photography, agriculture, military purpose, emergency purpose, surveillance applications etc. In this research the current state of the UAV is reviewed.

UAV introduced here is capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and it utilizes the techniques of both fixed wing and multirotor aircraft, which is completely autonomous. Its belly portion has enough space to carry necessary items (Medical kits, emergency backup etc). To maintain these drones multiple ground stations are created near the borders, UAVs has direct access to the ground station which in turn is connected to the military base and drone is equipped with high precision GPS system, Infrared cameras, radar systems, through IOT and satellite it is connected to a portable devices such as watches, mobiles or even a remote control unit. The necessary instruments are stored in ground station where drone can be loaded. Drone is capable of recording the videos which can be sent to ground station and if any soldier needs emergency help, with the use of portable device he can give signal to the military base/ground station, so that the drone is loaded with necessary items and through GPS tracking it rushes towards the soldier's location. When there is necessity to fly through narrow or constricted areas wings can be detached. Through suitably designed IC engine for airframe and four electric motors for VTOL purpose and utilizing the innovative ideas in the field of materials, technical equipment it is possible to reduce the overall weight and design customizable fully autonomous UAV capable of multitasking abilities with increased endurance and range.

Also the UAV introduced here is self destructible, if it encounters any enemy target it can fly upto the place and destruct itself also by killing the enemy target. It is capable of mapping, detecting and detonating land mines, it is used for Search & Rescue operations, Anti-Smuggling Surveillance, Coastal and Border Control, Wildlife Spotting. When there is large gatherings and protests or even when monitoring an individual it is often difficult to maintain an overview. Drones can be a useful instrument here, allowing the situation to be viewed from high. The innovations in the world of drones mean that they are smaller, more agile, better controlled and better equipped for the use by the emergency services.

The Drone can also be sent into the situation which are dangerous or difficult to access in person-such as hostage situation or terrain that is inaccessible without the high specialized access equipment. This means that the emergency services can get a better overview of a situation and understand what is required before going in. UAV can also be used for civil security: In todays world civil security is of major importance in protecting the public from threats such as terrorists attack and in successfully identifying crimes, the appropriate drone is a decisive advantage.


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    Inspired by Aero modelling techniques and consequent designs of UAV that would prevail in future for advanced performance and also the upcoming drastic application in the field of military, medical, agriculture, surveillance purpose along with other uses!!
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