Quantum Entanglement Security Scenario

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Quantum Entanglement is a new and interesting phenomena that has NIST researchers relaying and possibly setting up the first quantum Internet [1], with a distance of ~105Km

Cat7 cable, ATT WIFI/Fiber Modem and Server located at the University of Texas at Austin. Sent a Picture of a comic book (Mon-El) From Oklahoma City (Moore, OK) to Austin, Texas. Once the image was sent I verified that it was back in my inbox from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. account. Therefore, the information must have been sent back. However more time must be needed and better experiemental techniques to verify that quantum entanglement was actually achieved over 388.00 miles (exactly) according to Google maps. Once done to verify data integrity there would also need to be a SHA-512 data check to make sure that entanglement and data security was actually achieved.

Since the @utexas domain is within the United States and is located centrally to the University of Texas at Austin, it was able to confidently come up with a theoretical test of how to send a data packet (large) through fiber optic cables that could possibly induce quantum entanglement. The contest winnings would hopefully be directly used to support this effort at Northrop Grumman in Oklahoma City. To directly quote a Wikipedia article, “Since the 1980s, various experiments have verified that it is possible for the group velocity (as defined above) of laser light pulses sent through lossy materials, or gainful materials, to significantly exceed the speed of light in vacuum c. The peaks of wave packets were also seen to move faster than c.

In all these cases, however, there is no possibility that signals could be carried faster than the speed of light in vacuum, since the high value of vg does not help to speed up the true motion of the sharp wave front that would occur at the start of any real signal.[14][17][18][20][21]”

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