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Problem we are trying to address:

The soldiers at our borders and war zones are affected by climatic changes, get wounded badly and lie unconscious. Also in disaster zones, civilian victims get caught in debris of buildings awaiting rescue teams. In current scenario, the rescue teams shall get only an alert for help, but no clue about emergency/risk status of victims. They don't have the exact location of the victims either. They have to first discover the victim's location, then discover the risk status of the victims, only after visiting the spot and planning the rescue. Mostly the kits carried by such teams are standard ones and they have to either carry so much unwanted stuff with them or they might have limited items in the kit, rendering them helpless as the victim may require something else. This leads to risk of life for victims in many cases.

How our innovation solves the problem:

 Considering problem scenario, it shall be very useful if the rescue team is provided with first-hand information about critical parameters of victims and a GPS based tracking system to locate the victims. A drone mounted with a camera which has the capability to identify whether the injured victim is alive or not, by measuring the heart rate and all such vital parameters of the victim, also senses the location of the victim found injured/unconscious.
This innovation provides a solution to injured soldiers in war fields and at borders, disaster management, flood relief operations, landslide rescue missions, and forest fires. This technology shall enable the rescue team and doctors to go well prepared for the rescue operations and carry necessary materials too, by which the death rate of victims and also the soldiers in war field and borders can't be stopped but can be reduced comparatively.

As described earlier, it shall help us save the precious lives of numerous jawans on our borders and war zones, and several thousands of civilian victims affected during disasters like earthquakes and landslides. According to Global Survival 2013-16, about 50,000 cases of fatal/serious injuries have occurred in war zones. Of which, nearly 28% have succumbed to illness caused by extreme climatic conditions and about one-fifth have succumbed due to the delay in remedial action. And lots of people have lost life in disasters. This indicates there is a huge scope for our product across the globe.

Impact of proposed system:

• It can be used for surveillance, delivery system etc
• Anyone one can make use of it in medical emergency.
• In order to reduce the act of emergency.
• To save the lives of soldiers.

This system will make a revolutionary changes in the defense sector as well as commercial sector for saving the lifes of human who lose there life due to certain small injurious and no proper remedial action given to them immediately. Eg. In war fields jawans, during disasters, and during accidents in crowded areas.
This is where our team came up with this idea.



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