DroidBrella...The Best Shade Possible..at Your Glance's Command.™

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First "Automated Hands-Free Umbrella" (patent granted), that follows your intention of movement while protecting from environmental conditions and assisting you in outdoors.

The Business:
Our company enters the IoT Era by delivering a disruptive product and a new mobile platform for Apps and Services to run on It, while addressing the humans need of protection from environmental conditions in a more natural way technology allows us today; permitting the user to have the best possible protection in an automated fashion. We have created the concept of the first "Automated Hands-Free Umbrella" (patent granted), controlled by the User's Intention to Move. "DroidBrella Consumers' Hovering Mobile Platform (CHMP)"™ is our product's marketplace for apps and services to be consumed by DroidBrella™ users, while being assisted during their outdoors activities. Ex: "DroidBrella please,.. get me directions to the street music festival" OR "DroidBrella please,.. adjust your speed for my morning jogging routine".

The Market:
DroidBrella™ devices will exist and scale at the level of cellular smartphones, becoming the new online smart assistant for the outdoors. We expect to manufacture and commercialize DroidBrella™(s) by the billions of devices and our company will own the only existing platform and marketplaces for the outdoors, DB-CHMP. Apps direct sales will be a source of income, and third parties apps and services vendors will have to use our infrastructure and advertise for a fee to get into the new Consumers’ Hovering Mobile Platform, running exclusively in our products. “DroidBrella™ Store” sales and service centers will also a source of income. No Smart Device manufacturer offers what we do for the outdoors, being our device unique and patent protected.



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  • Name:
    Raynel Lazo Antunez
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    Team members:
    Raynel Lazo-Antunez(Founder/CEO/CTO/Inventor), Bertha R Andrade(Founder/CHRO/Marketing/Inventor), Eduardo A Mesa(Product Engineering Director), Dionne Leon(Product Design Director)
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  • Raynel is inspired by:
    The need of human interaction with machines in a more natural way technology allows us today.
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    Visual Studio,MathWorks,Simulink, Autodesk Maya
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