RoFo WOODEN BARREL BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

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The RoFo WOODEN BARREL BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser while worn on an individual’s head, a second person can operate it by means of turning the front RoFo WOODEN BARREL Motific Spigot, dispensing one’s favorite refreshment into a glass or into another person’s mouth. A headgear for dispensing a substance has a container to carry the substance. A spigot is secured to the container. The spigot can be opened to dispense the substance by gravity, suction, pressure or levity flow when the container. The spigot can be closed to retain the substance in the chamber. A hat-like recess is formed within the bottom wall of the container sized for wearing on an individual's head, and for maintaining the container in a freestanding condition during hands-free ambulation of the individual. It is annotative do to a need for containing substance centuries ago, a vessel was invented. Later, to dispense the substance, a spigot was invented. Both are stationary devices. Transporting the substance was by either animals, or mechanical means, with limited, restrictive, and or regulated distances, and locations. The innovativeness to resolve this, invent a means for transporting a substance, by way of the contained substance being equally distributed upon a person's head resulting in the holding, dispensing, and transportability of the substance, to, from, and at a location, during any time.

Great for Tailgate Parties, Picnics, at Oktoberfest, Beer & Wine Celebrations and Events, Kegür Tastürs, business proceedings, incentive conventions, Wooden Barrel Week, or during an intimate Soirée. That’s an eco-friendly Green refreshment machine. A growth rate of about 20% annually is very likely. The beverage supplies industry is virtually stagnant from a lack of innovative ideas and applications, and is ripe for a novelty breakthrough.

The American manufacturing of one complete unit consists of a lightweight headgear chamber and a spigot. Both parts are made from one, or more F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) food grade quality plastics: PETE: Polyethylene terephthalate ethylene, HDPE: High-density polyethylene, LDPE: Low density polyethylene, PP: Polypropylene. An empty unit weighs about 1½ pounds and is produced using rotational mold techniques. The spigot produced by means of conventionally injection mold processes. 5 pounds when full.

To targeted universal marketing opportunities; sports stores, department stores, beverage and packaging industry, business to business, business to consumer, colleges and universities are the strategies established to market the product to the global consumer resources ensuring annual new customers and return business to RoFo Enterprise, Corporation. RoFo Enterprise, Corporation’s success is identified by the innovational and functionality of its product; RoFo BevDisHeadgear beverage dispenser. RoFo Enterprise, Corporation guiding principal: produce a Customer-ready product that is customer approved, wanted and reliable.


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