Exchanging System for Charged Power Bank

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The power availability in batteries of cellphones, tablets and laptops is an important limitation for the usability of these devices. A lot of effort is being doing for improve batteries capacity, but the time needed to fully charge the batteries is a discomfort source for users. Sometimes the battery gets low of charge in an airport or other important situation when the device is needed to use.

To provide a fast way to get power for the mobile devices a charging system is proposed here.

CHARGED POWER BANK EXCHANGING SYSTEM uses a set of cellphone application, power bank batteries and exchanging machines with similar vending machines format to provide to the users power banks fully charged and receive the discharged ones.
The app monitoring the cellphone, tablet or laptop battery level and based in actual battery level and geoposition, alerts the user for low battery level and the nearest exchange opportunity.

The power banks are common 2600mA low cost elements or other similar, the exchanging machine will be capable to process a wide range of pre-defined factor form power banks.
The exchange machines will be located in Malls, airports, public transporting stations, drugstores and public or private places with great people traffic and good accessibility.
When the exchange machine receives the power bank, a robotic stage identify the factor form, a vision unit locate the usb port position and connect an usb plug. Once the power bank is connected, the machine make a check of circuitry to determinate the condition of charging circuitry and the batteries condition in order to accept or reject the power bank in the system.

If power bank is accepted the client receives immediately a fully charged power bank and a robotic stage transport the discharged power bank to a store and charging area inside the machine, here the power bank remains until is fully charged.

For a low cost of recharge the user can get a recharged power bank immediately. To pay, the client has all the options of regular vending machines: credit card, cash or other media. The machines will have available brand new power banks too.

Actual diversity of factor forms in power banks difficult the interchangeability of its, for this reason an artificial vision module will be used to locate and connect the machine to power bank usb port. In the future will be a need to lead actions to standardize factor forms for these devices.

A personal version of the system is possible locating small exchanging units at home, the car and the office. The benefits are productivity, security and comfort for the users.
Other possible use is for built-in cellphone batteries, if future phone design allows battery interchange.

The battery charge shortage is an actual problem for all the mobile devices users worldwide, a systemic approach to the problem can lead to a solution practical, affordable and technically viable like the one is presented here.


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