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Indukto™ is the next generation FIRST of its kind TRUE INDUCTION OVEN, with a REVOLUTIONARY INDUCTION COOKTOP. Indukto™ is modular and sizable and utilizes the principles of induction to allow cooking with all types of materials. The Indukto™oven allows for temperatures to be individually controlled from both the top and bottom, so that cheese on the top of pizza or the crust on top of an apple pie will not burn while the bottoms on each dish cook perfectly. Because Indukto™ is induction based, it allows for instant and immediate control of each of the two (2) separate heating units which may also be controlled via bluetooth, Wink, or other wireless technology, as well as manually. This technology would make planning ahead for meals with Indukto™ even more futuristic and convenient, in that it allows the user to turn on the oven at a prescribed time, wirelessly and remotely, when a pre-prepared meal already has been placed inside the oven earlier in the day, so that whatever is inside the oven will be fully cooked and ready later when arriving home. Quite similar to how a crock pot works in principle, except for the wireless capability.

Further to the modularity of Indukto™, the top and bottom induction units are designed to work individually and separately as removable independent induction units when the oven is not in use. This is accomplished by merely removing both units from the oven portion and inverting each unit on the countertop so that the induction side faces up. Each induction unit is portable, and has separate attachable cords so they may be used anywhere inside or outside of the home or even on vacation in an RV. Most importantly, because the stove burners have a ferromagnetic plate permanently (or semi-permanently) attached to the induction coils, ANY TYPE OF COOKWARE MAY BE USED, including glass, copper, crockery, aluminum, etc..

When Indukto™ is used as an induction oven, one induction unit is secured on the top of the ferromagnetic oven cavity so that its surface is in direct contact with the oven cavity, and the other induction unit surface contacts the bottom of the ferromagnetic oven cavity directly. The total oven unit thus only requires the bottom cord need be plugged, due to the internal connectivity for the top induction unit into the oven base. In this manner both top and bottom induction units are in direct contact with the ferromagnetic oven cavity, such that each side, top and bottom, may heat the oven cavity areas separately and at differing temperatures according to what is being cooked inside the oven.

Indukto™ is truly a product for the times as it allows for more practical and efficient use of our limited energy resources. Research by the U.S. Department of Energy indicates an induction cooker is 84% efficient at energy transfer, versus 74% traditional, having an overall efficiency rating of 90%. Due to extended time required for oven cooking, it is estimated that energy savings with Indukto™ will quadruple.



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