Domestic Laundry Center

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Domestic Laundry Center (Pat pending)
Laundry is a domestic activity not entirely automatized, only washing and drying can be performed by appliances, while ironing and subsequent folding of garments still represents a heavy chore for housewives. In this proposal we want to solve such problem, creating a new applaince for a global market that can open up a new industry worth billions since an ironing and folding appliance, combined with washer and dryer or by itself is an urgent need by all families.

In this proposal the ironing activity is performed independently by an ironing arm that will iron the garment, every type in accordance with specific programs, while it is hanged from above. Once finished, the garment can go back to the storage area and wait its turn to be folded or be folded immediately after being ironed. The folding activity is performed by three separate folding arms and a support platform, all moving in accordance with a specific program for each garment to be folded.

The appliance is similar to a small closet 160cm high, 120 long by 60 cm deep and can be utilized by itself or in combination with a washer and dryer if requested, forming a single laundry center unit. Adding the washer and dryer will represent a longer (180cm) closet that can be installed in specific home locations where there is water availability. A rotating support tray, to carry the garments while unloading and reloading the single applaiances is also included.

Costs should be limited, making it affordable, since simplicity is one of the most considered design parameter, together with ease of use rendering this appliance it user friendly.

This new appliance has the potential to conquer the market eliminating the ironing chore that takes so much time and represent an inconvenience to perform.


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