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Travelling s a passion for many people, but the main problem faced by most travellers is being not well equipped for a safe journey. The main problems faced by the travellers are (1) protection from heat, (2) protection from rain (3) storage of water (4) collection of water (5) directional guidance in case of being lost. Bottlebrella gives a solution to all these problems.


Bottlebrella is essentially an umbrella which can act as a normal umbrella when you need protection from heat or rain, it can store water just like a bottle which help the travellers from being dehydrated and in cases of survival it can be used to collect water when other sources for the collection of water are being contaminated but the region is prone to rainfall along with a directional guidance in case of being lost with help of a compass provided.


When it is folded, it is just like an umbrella with a length of 37.6cm which is enough to fit even in a laptop bag or in a traveller back pack or you can simply strap it in the bottom of your back pack using the bottom strap and at the same time it can provide the functionality of a bottle enough to store sufficient amount of water. When it is unfolded, it can act as a normal umbrella which can protect from heat or rain by lifting the umbrella runner into the first locking position which is at a distance of 60mm from the top. When the lift of the runner is increased by 20mm, the runner gets engaged into the second locking position which at a distance of 40mm from top, the bottlebrella acts in a reverse mode where the umbrella gets reversed and once you open the top cap, rainwater can be collected into the bottle in survival situations. Chances of being lost are common for travellers, so the compass fitted into the bottlebrella can provide directional guidance to the traveller in case of being lost thereby providing a chance of survival.


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