SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier

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SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier is an innovative multi-action and safe colourless liquid that purifies unsafe borehole/well and containerized water, makes it safe for drinking, hygiene and sanitation uses to prevent the prevalent waterborne diseases and deaths. It has been effectively and economically confirmed to purify unsafe fresh and salt borehole/well water by disinfecting/killing pathogens (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc) in the water; sedimenting suspended particles, metals that cause water hardness (Calcium and Magnesium) and staining (Iron and Manganese), and salts, removing colour, odour, and taste, among others, "in a single application and a unit process", like never before; by simply mixing it with the unsafe water in a container or tank and decanting or filtering after 1-6 hours (depending on contamination level) at less time and cost-efficiency compared with combinations of other multiple-process treatments (using disinfectants, alum, filters, etc) in use to achieve same but without getting desired results and difficult to handle by rural dwellers and others. SaferEx is an invented chemistry and an innovation that is easy to use with only simple instructions by using existing containers/tanks or treatment facilities. Rural/urban households, farms, etc and others having existing buckets, containers/tanks, and water treatment facilities can use it as a single multi-action water purifier to purify water that meets World Health Organization (WHO) standards and Nigeria Industrial Standards(NIS) parameters for safe water. It is formulated and manufactured from refined and regular potable water treatment chemical raw materials.

SaferEx is targeted, presently, to over 30 million Nigerians of poor, low, medium and high income earners in Southern Nigeria (South-South, South-East, South-West) who depend on unsafe borehole/well water for drinking, hygiene and sanitation uses, alarmingly analyzed to contain pathogens, high metals contents, suspended particles, salts, odour, colour and taste. They have been in need of safe, efficient, time and cost-effective solutions to prevent the prevalent water borne diseases/sicknesses and deaths due to unsafe borehole/well water consumption and absence of public water supply. They are in rural/urban households, farms, hospitals, public/private organizations, hotels, emergency camps, etc. SaferEx, in future and ultimately, targets other parts of Nigeria and Africa with similar water problems as it is currently being introduced and sampled in many regions of Nigeria by Federal Ministry of Water Resources, and in Botswana by the Water Utilities Corporations (WUC).

(1). Disinfecting/killing pathogens: Kills disease-causing organisms (pathogens) like bacteria, virus, protozoa,etc that cause waterborne diseases (typhoid fever,diarrhea,dysentery,etc) in unsafe borehole water.
(2). Coagulating contaminants: It gathers (coagulates) organic and inorganic contaminants in the water.
(3). Sedimenting contaminants: settles to the bottom of treatment containers the contaminants; suspended particles, high/heavy metals, Calcium and Magnesium, that cause water hardness and staining (Iron and Manganese), and Salts that cause salt-activated sicknesses (high blood pressure, hypertension, kidney and bladder problems, etc) from constant consumption of salty borehole water.
(4). Clarifying the water: removing colour, odour, taste and impurities; keeps the contaminants at the bottom of the container for easy filtration or pouring off (decantation) of the clear top safe water.


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    Our researches for over 10 years and other researches’ data have it that over 85 million Nigerians depend on borehole/well water for drinking, sanitation and hygiene uses due to lack of public pipe borne water.
    Over 50 million of them battle with unsafe borehole/well water as alarmingly analyzed to contain pathogens, heavy metals ions, suspended particles and salts without getting safe water.
    Some of them boil water at high costs and environmental pollution, use filters, alum, disinfectants (Waterguard, WaterCare or waterSafe, Hypo/Bleach, etc - (Sodium Hypochlorite based water disinfectants) which only disinfects the unsafe water.
    Buy "treated" water or use combinations, but these solutions leave one or more of the discovered contaminants unattended.

    (1). Children under 5 years die in large numbers in Nigeria from waterborne diseases (typhoid fever, diarrhea, cholera, etc) caused by unsafe water and sanitation.
    (2). A good number of adults also suffer from waterborne diseases (typhoid fever,
    diarrhea, cholera, etc), and deaths by unsafe water and sanitation.
    (3). Salt-activated high blood pressure/hypertension from constant drinking of
    salt water.
    (4). High cost of laundry and shortened lifespan of clothes by use of hard and
    staining water.
    (5). Skin problems.
    (6). High medical bills from treatments of waterborne diseases.

    WaterAid Nigeria ( research shows that;
    (A). "In Nigeria, around 45,000 children under five years old die every year from diarrhea
    caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation"
    (B). "57 million people in Nigeria do not have access to safe water"
    (B). "Over 130 million people don't have access to adequate sanitation in Nigeria, two thirds of
    the population"
    Institute Water for Africa ( also states,
    "At present, over 300 million people have no access to clean water in Africa, i.e. more than 40% the total population. Over 60% of the population have no access to sanitation. The growth of the population will increase the water consumption and water shortage will get worse."
    In a bid to solve the above unsafe water problems found from my over 10 years experience, I researched, developed and manufactured this innovative solution, SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier.
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