Cockroach Traps

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I had made cockroach traps. Have been using for 2 years. The product worked great. Here is the details how to make it. You need 3 or more empty food containers from 99 cents store-target - walmart. Size 11 l x 7 w x 4 d. Then cut the hole on top [the lid ] 3 1/2 x 6 1/2. Size can be changed. Smaller or bigger. But bigger is better. Note [too small a container does not work.] The best baits are fried fish - fried chicken - sandwiches. ...Cut or tear them small pieces. Place the baits in corners and center 1 inch high. Lay the containers anywhere that you have a roach problem. Near to trash - kitchen - stove .... Where the space circulates air. Not in an enclosed space. Or a stuffy corner. You could but it not work well. The roach will jump in. But cannot jump out. That is the point - any time. The best at night time. In the morning you will see a lot roaches in there. Just open the lid then pour hot water to kill them. It works 100%. Guarantee. After a month all pets gone with good take care. Keep the space clean. No food around. This product is save for children - save your money - you will be happy! Thanks for reading.


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    THE LONGEST ROLLING FANS . I made mistakes . The curved fan blades would be 73 tablets Instead 197 tablets and the thickness would be 1/3 ft. Instead 2 1/2 ft .please revise when reading those . thanks .
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