Filter Less A/C System

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The present general concept relates generally to the field of air conditioning and mere specifically, to an apparatus to improve quality by, for example, removing bacteria molecules from the air.

At the present time, Super Bugs in hospitals kill approximately 100,000 patient annually at the expense of $30 Billion per year.

Historically, indoor air passing through a conventional air conditioner has been cleaned by filters. ( i.e. a filter is an apparatus, used for catching foreign substances, such as dust, hear, etc. )

As such, every air conditioning unit connected to a return duct system requires a filter. Under ordinary conditioning and circumstances, conventional air conditi0ning system are using mechanical or electronic filters.

Filters are used to protect a coil assembly, to prevent air openings in the coil from being blocked, and also to remove foreign objects from indoor air.

At the present time every air conditioning is equipped with some kind of filtering apparatus.

Some filters are very expensive, need to be replaced frequently, and will not catch every particle of smoke, odor, bacteria molecules or other types substances.


The present general inventive concept includes an A/C system that applies a low temperature system freon and includes a special coil design.

Due to the fact that coil surface temperature is below freezing point, moisture in the supply air will condensate and freeze as ice on the surfaces of coil assembly, Foreign substances ( dust,hair, smoke,bacteria molecules, etc ) will get tapped on wet, icy surfaces of the coil assembly.

When A/C system is on off cycle, ice will be separated from fins and it will drop down to drain pan with foreign substances, melt and drain outside the to a designated area.

The fins are assembled in such of manner that air temperature next to fins are below freezing and at the center of fins are the indoor temperature. Thus, exiting air is mixed with cold and indoor air, thereby causing temperature leaving the coil assembly to be at acceptable temperature at the supply air outlrts.


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