Jigsaw Plastic Bottle

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I have designed a new geometrically shaped plastic bottle called as the JIGSAW BOTTLE which can replace the current plastic bottles which are used in market for transportation of soft-drinks and carbonated drinks.

The reasons behind this geometry are:-
– To reduce the space wastage.
– To increase the number of units that can be transported at once.
– Increase the profit margin of the company.
– Reducing the selling price of those products.
– Ergonomic credentials over the previous design.

Except the above reasons, this design has one main utilization which make it different that is its re-usability after it has served its main purpose. These bottles can be given over to the children of below 8 years and they can use these bottle as a building block or as a jigsaw puzzle. So even though the bottle has served its main purpose, it can still be used for many other activities.

Some of the ways to re-use are as:-
– Flower pot.
– Building block.
– Jigsaw puzzle.
– Wall bricks.
– Decorations.

All the details regarding the design utilization and prototypes of the design have been given in the Youtube link.



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