Universal Grip for Mobile Photography

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UGMP is a photography system for smartphones that improves ergonomics and comfort when capturing images, which translates into an increase in quality in them, taking into account the large volume of data This type flowing every second in the networks of the world, you can see in this product a great opportunity.

UGMP has the advantage of being a useful module for most current phones, as it can be adapted to screen sizes from 4 "to 6" which covers a wide spectrum of phones used today, unlike existing solutions that have exclusive systems for specific brands, which limits their distribution and deprives photographers of converting their phones into better quality cameras without investing large amounts of money.

The system consists of a Bluetooth module, which allows wireless connection in addition to a battery of 3000 mAh, which gives autonomy but also allows charging the phone while using the module to take photographs which extends the time of use of the product, Lighting and connection are done in a simple and intuitive way with retro illuminated buttons while the photograph is captured with a mechanical shutter, which gives the sensation of correct travel and pulsation to reproduce the one of a digital camera.

All this is boosted by an application (IOS and Android) that serves to highlight the properties of the system as it allows to take full advantage of the camera of the phone regardless of the model of the same, as the application extends the ability to modify parameters on the phone beyond what the default camera application might allow.

The fabrication of the module is executed in quality materials, starting with the aluminum chassis, metallic buttons and synthetic leather grip, without this implying an impact on the final price, since the goal is for the distribution to reach the greatest amount of Possible users.


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