Enviro Cooker

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Enviro Cooker

This is a cooking device using a solar panel, battery 12volt, 2-small swimming pool filters one fitted with pressure relief valve, a blow back arrestor and small cooker. One of the pool filter cannisters has a positive and negative electrode placed in it. This is connected to the battery.Potassium hydroxide is added to the water in this vessel 2/3 full. The second vessel has glycol placed in it 2/3 full.

By running 20 amps through the cell it produces hydrogen which then goes through the glycol to the hydrogen cooker. This cooker is the cheapest on the market using approx. $30 AU of potassium Hydroxide every 3 months. No more cow manure, wood, biomas, LPG, kero, or any other fuel. Pollution is virtually zero, ie no smoke!!!!

Price negotiable, patents lodged.


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    Greg Packer
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    concept designer/engineer
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    there is 3 billion people a large % starving because they have insufficient means to cook with .When they do they are chocking to death because of the fumes. our cooker does not produce smoke or fumes,and is very cheap,possibly funded by World Bank.
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