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For the last few decades the water contains lot of minerals content. After urban development the properties of the water have changed a lot. It contains some unwanted practical, which is very dangerous to the human body. So we started using RO (Reversed Osmosis) system to purify the water. Especially the RO produce is the elimination of necessary minerals compounds. Purified water has been run through a filter that not only traps for dangerous organic substance; it also has been strained of many trace minerals that are essential for good health. Finally we will drink water without minerals, even though it is called  “mineral water.”

Nowadays we are all using the plastic products to store the water & drinking the water. Plastics are merged in our life, because plastic is very cheap and easy to carry. Moreover the cost of copper vessels also high if we compared to the plastic. Hence to overcome this demerit we have created a new product to add a copper mineral inside the water. That is called “COPPER MINERALIZER+.”

70% of the human body made up of water; we need minerals in water. A few packaging waters contain some minerals, but it is industrial orient. For domestic purpose we can use this “COPPER MINERALIZER+” to provide a copper mineral to human body. We can get benefits from this without investing large amounts of money.
Why do we need copper? The truth is that Copper is an essential micro-nutrient and plays a role in many things happening inside our body development of body organs, absorption of iron, anti-oxidant defense. Hence using the “Copper Mineralizer+” along with our normal water storage containers copper content will add inside the water due to reaction between water and copper. Our aim is to add the copper mineral with the drinking water by dipping the “Copper Mineralizer+” into it. Finally we get required amount of copper minerals for human body. It can destroy bacteria very effectively in water.

We can use “Copper Mineralizer+” in three versatile stages as per our requirements as shown in figure.

1) Floating stage
In this stage our CM+ will be floating on the surface of the water because of cork material. We can adjust the length of the copper tube by using adjustable screw. More over the copper plate separate the contact between water & cork.

2) Submersible stage
In this stage we will use only the copper tube. It will be settled at the bottom of the container.

3) Mounting stage
In 3rd stage, CM+ will be mounting in the wall of vessel by using of mounting pin. It helps to use in water bottles, Jug and etc.

• Helps with weight loss.
• Keeps you young.
• Helps you heal faster.
• Regulate the thyroid glad.
• Cuts down cancer risks.
• Prevent digestive orders.
• Regulates brain function.
• Very cost effective.
• Very easy to handle and clean.
• Kill some of the harmful bacteria, particularly those related to diarrhea.


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