Process of Washing of Water Tank Without Entering Into Tank

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Washing of a water tank is painful work. At present washing of tank is done by entering into the tank. But this process is very painful for a hot country. Men are feeling distress after or during washing time. Plus, the tank is not well washed manually. Because workers are weak after a few times. To avoid this trouble/problem I have thought of an innovative idea for washing of water tank.

For it, an automatic, hand shape (elbow system), light weight rubbing machine is to be make. Any part of water tank can be rubbed by folding system of this scrubber without entering into the tank. An extra tap to be fitted at the bottom position of tank for outlet of waste water for washing after rubbing. After drainage of the waste water from the tank, then an absorber to be fitted with the motor replacing the scrubber. The absorber will absorb the remain water and drop out the water at outside of tank. Thus the water tank will be washed and dry.

This machine will be operated and fold by a man by catching handle of scrubber form outside of tank.


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