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“A device which helps people to find their misplaced TV remotes & keys”

This idea came to my mind when I was searching for keys in urgency and I found them in my mini pocket after half an hour! This happens with many of us not only in case of keys but also with television remotes, air conditioning, coolers, etc. So the idea which came to my mind was why not have these devices ring or buzz whenever I require them.

In Details:-
The concept is about making a mini electronic buzzing device which can be attached to our remotes or used as a keychain in case of keys. This device will buzz or ring using a button, now to ensure that the button itself doesn’t get lost this button will be stick to a fixed device like Television. The button will interact with the buzzing device by using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Now whenever your device gets miss placed you just have to press the button at the fixed location and your keys will buzz.

1. The Application of this device is not limited to keys and remote but it can be any misplace able things.
2. The buzzing device can be given additional features like microphone, custom ring-tones, camera, digital watch, etc. in case of device used as key-chain.
3. GPS system can be added for searching lost vehicles if the device is attached to your cars or bikes. (Here buttons will be along will Android App on your smart phone).
4. Girls protection by giving emergency switch.

1. As it is an mini electronic device it would be the most affordable device for customers, and as it is the regular need its sales will boost off! In the market.
2. Soon it will be an inbuilt feature of television remotes as remote misplacement is an regular problem.


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