High Helper

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Where do you set your tote when no table is available? On the floor!

Enter the the High Helper, the first and only pop up tote that places activity items comfortably within reach. It quickly transforms from an easy to carry compact size to a convenient working height that eliminates bending to retrieve items off the floor.

It is patented and after hundreds of CAD models and prototypes, the design has evolved to an efficient product for manufacture with an emphasis on user friendliness. I have three that I use for all kinds of tasks and lots of friends using prototypes for drawing, photography, professional house painting, track day events, car detailing and cleaning, all kinds of projects around the house, bicycle service, and school activities.

"At first Compact, then at a Height that saves your back from a pain attack."

If you would like a prototype to review I'm more than happy to send one to you.

Like many inventors I have a full time job and am not especially gifted at running a business and would love to license the product to a company with all the manufacturing and marketing skills needed to take the invention to market.

Thank you!


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    Any product or effort that strives to improve efficiency and enhance life with product enjoyment minimizing irritating situations balancing intuitive user friendliness, maximizing simplicity, and manufacturability in an appealing and inviting aesthetically attractive form . I love searching simple solutions to various mechanical problems while making them pleasing visually and in use.
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