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If you could go anywhere in one machine, would you?

SkyRunner is not only the next big step in elite powersports but it's in a league of its own. Where you can go, others simply can't follow. Imagine the adventures possible when the end of a long trail, edge of a surging river, or base of a continental plateau are no longer limitations for your off-road expedition.

SkyRunner combines Bond-esq luxury with the true ruggedness of an off-road machine and one of the safest forms of aviation. SkyRunner’s patent pending technology transforms an all-terrain vehicle into an FAA certified light-sport aircraft in a matter of minutes. With relatively short takeoff and landing needs, open fields, grass strips and secluded beaches becoming the runways of choice. Using the latest ram-air parafoil wing technology, renowned for its safety due to the inherent stability, control and resistance to stalls, SkyRunner can reach air speeds of 40mph whilst restricted to a maximum regulated altitude of 10,000 feet.

SkyRunner possesses two engines, a ProStar 1000 four-stroke twin-cylinder engine through a continuously variable transmission (CVT) is used for off-road and the Rotax 914 UL engine is used for flight. From the thoughtfully designed cockpit, the ground system operates as a typical off-road vehicle. Gears are selected with a lever fitted to the right of the driver’s seat, a start/stop button crafted into dash and a digital EMS computer (with GPS).

Once airborne, only two flight controls are required, a single throttle lever to climb/ descend and foot pedals for left/ right turns (handheld toggles optional). Complete with a two way radio, digital altimeter, position lights, strobes and a Dynon-D10 EMS computer for easy flight management. This intuitive flight system makes SkyRunner one of the easiest forms of flight to master while offering an immersive and peaceful flying experience unmatched by most other forms of aviation.

Not a pilot? No problem, you can earn your sport-pilots license in one week (12 hours of flight). As a light-sport pilot 98% of US airspace is yours to fly.

SkyRunner delivers a world of adventures yet to come.

Now available for purchase today in select US dealerships! A new world of adventure awaits!

“Extremely bond baddie." ~ Top Gear

“One of the Greatest adventure vehicles of all time.” ~ RedBull

"A landmark move in aviation!” - Gregg Godfrey, winner of the Baja 1000 and co-founder of Nitro Circus

"SkyRunner is a full-on macho pulse-pounder that catches the interest of people. Indeed the SkyRunner team has set out to make this an impressive vehicle.” ~ Dan Johnson, President of the Light Aircraft Manufacturing Association


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