Saha - Work Together

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Preliminary name of concept.

Broad purpose.
Saha (which means working together) will be a project management tool that can be used by various roles in an organization thereby reducing miscommunication and communication gap. This tool also captures and presents only the right amount of information resulting in simplicity in terms of project management for PMO.

Who will be using the application.
This tool can be used by all project stakeholders in an organization ranging from highest level of hierarchy such as CXOs to Project Managers to Development Team, HR etc.

How will the concept be monetized?
This tool will be a SaaS based subscription software. Users will pay on a per user basis.
Outline the workflow or a flow chart of how the program should work.
The process starts with defining and organizational structure of the company by a designated system administrator. A project owner can initiate a project and assign people to specific roles. The hierarchy of entities in this program would be: Portfolios/Programs, Projects, Release/Spring, Tasks (including action items from meetings), People, Documents, Messages, Meetings, and Notes.

What other systems will this integrate with?
This tool can integrate with
1. Company's login mechanism (and/or Active Directory) to provide Single Sign On features, and access internal users.
2. Other project management tools to import current data into Saha.
Are there any security requirements, or data sensitivity regulations that need to be adhered to?
Since the system will contain a company's project related information, the system will have to be secured. But otherwise there will not be any highly-sensitive data unless a company decides to host such files in the system.

Other Notes

The idea is in concept phase currently and the primary contact intends to finish sketching out details soon and work on building a strong team and culture. Also, his goal is not just to build a useful product but also to build an organization with a culture that enables its smart individuals to work together to solve real life issues every day.


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