Portable Seating Arrangement

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Our product ‘Portable Seating Arrangement’ also called a portable stool is a standalone product that provides the user with a seat irrespective of the place and time thus making the user independent in terms of seating. The product is compact and lightweight thus making it portable which can be easily carried in a bag. The design of the stool allows it to be adjusted at different heights thus allowing the user to sit comfortably according to his requirements. The simple operating mechanism of the stool makes it easy for the consumer to use it.

The stool consists of 8 concentric stages. Each stage has a hollow cylindrical shape. These stages form the height of the stool. The stages are arranged in the increasing order of their diameters from top to bottom with the smallest stage at the top and the largest stage as the base. The stage is the building block of this stool. Each stage is comprised of 3 sets of locking mechanism arranged 120 degree apart from each other. The locking mechanism is what helps to operate the stool. The locking mechanism includes an ‘L-slot’ and a ‘pin and hole arrangement’. The pin slides in the slot thus providing the translation and rotation motion which is required for the operation of the stool. The pin when translates in the vertical part of the slot provides the height whereas the pin motion in the horizontal part locks the consecutive stages which in turn locks the entire arrangement.The stool has a seat on top which is integrated with the topmost section. The seat incorporates a handle for easy use of the stool. The largest stage has a web around its circumference for a larger base area thus providing better support for the stool.

• Variable Heights
• More than 100 kg load carrying capacity
• Light weight (Carried by even children & women)
• Attractive color combination
• Can be carried in your Daily bag.
• High Product quality
• Occupy less than 1 Square foot floor space
• Simple to operate

• Picnics
• Garage
• Small houses
• Trekking
• Long train journeys
• Hawkers

The product has won Best Product Design award at all Asia Level product exhibition called " Maker Mela" held in Mumbai, India. Cash Prize of 25000INR awarded by Tarun Mitra Mandal in Best Consumer Product category.

The prototype for the product is tested using 3D Printed Technology. Final product will be manufactured using plastic injection molding. All dies will be made by P20 Material with die life of 1 million piece. The product is made in several stages and then assembled according to predefined manner. The product selling cost would be in range of $25- $30 which is very economical for everyone.

The product will be marketed at crowded places like railways and bus stops using Printed AD banners and live demos. We also going to use digital & social media marketing for online sales.



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