Cooling Laptop Table from Scrap

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The idea is to create a useful object that is a Portable Laptop Table out of scrap with a little modification. The Table/Stand will be made from the plastic roll (which is in the shape of a pulley) which is used for carrying wires such as Ethernet cables. This roll is no more than 12" in height and the circular base is proportional.

This roll is usually discarded after its job is done but this being made of either PVC or high-quality plastic causes environmental pollution so this innovative idea will also solve the problem(although at a small level)of the environment pollution.

The roll is taken and following modification are made on it:
1. One side is covered with a thin silicone sheet and another side can be given a slight clean finish.
2. The hole in the center is bored to a larger diameter to fit a cooling fan.
3. Small holes are drilled on the pillar of the roll for exhaust of the air from cooling fan.
4. The fan will draw power from the laptop itself.
5. A semicircle from the flange of the roll is cut which is again joined back but this will now provide an angular adjustment for the laptop when needed.


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