Bio Chip

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I think bio chips method is future secure money transfer. First of all I give a definition about the bio chip method. Bio chip method means, one small chip is inserted into the human body (most preferable hand palm) and control electronics equipment like mobile and ATM (for bank money transfer purposes) without using debit and credit cards.

Present technology, small chips are inserted in to human body like artificial legs, brain electrodes and control these through wireless Bluetooth technology. That’s why i think why inserting these bio chips in to human body and control our using different chips (ex: using NFC chips in debit and credit cards)?

WORKING: Different types of electronics equipment's (like mobile, ATM) needed programming code is uploaded to bio chip and then this chip is inserted in to human body and control via internet, NFC, wireless and Bluetooth technology. For bank money transfer purpose, candidate bank information will be programmed in to the bio chip after this chip is inserted in to human body.

The main advantage of using bio chips is without using credit and debit cards your transfer money through ATM and mobiles in any place (ex: shaping malls).

So many advantages are There inserting these bio chips in to human body. But some hacker are hacking the data. That’s why simultaneously you change password to control hacking.
This technology required minimum involvement of banks.

This technology requires computer network, mobile phones or other technology for money transfer. And, this technology required minimal personally-identifiable information.


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