SUPERIOR Replacement to Apple Cider Vinegar for the FASTEST Acid Reflux (GERD) Relief Available!

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I discovered a weird GERD trick a year or two ago. I could buy a jar of pickled VINEGAR beets and drink the limited amount of sweet vinegar juice in the jar and get GREAT acid reflux RELIEF without that nasty, burning vinegar taste. Only problem was with all the leftover sliced beets that I had to constantly throw away, like money right down the drain. Not so funny! And not to mention the wasted cost factor and the HUGE amounts of added sugar in the vinegar beet juice syrup. Bummer.

Thinking out of the box, I figured that there must be somebody out there, somewhere, selling beet-based vinegar juice on the web but without all the actual sliced beets in the bottle. I searched for days and days as I was really looking hard for a sensible alternative. But alas, no cigar here on finding this one!

Moving forward, I excitedly set up an improvised lab in my mother-in-law's kitchen and began my visionary experiment to formulate a vinegar-based beet juice (notice the switch here as I am putting more emphasis on the vinegar rather than the beets). I had already ordered up some non-GMO and gluten-free powder ingredients to make up the base of my formulation. I then planned to adjust the taste and efficacy by using an optimization study as I had been very familiar with when I worked at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD as a research assistant.

After about two weeks of hard work, I had perfected what I and many other test subjects in the neighborhood considered to be a very GREAT tasting, vinegar-based concoction. And best of all, it worked even BETTER than bottled, apple cider vinegar or even pickled beet juice did in relieving my occasional ingestion and acid reflux. Wow!

I even came up with a name for my product, calling it "Apple-Beet-Vinegar Essential Powder™" as being absolutely SUPERIOR in features and benefits to bottled, apple cider vinegar. I realized that I immediately needed a point of sales website so I took a far out shot on one that might follow in the path of the success of the current essential oils craze. And believe it or not, I was able to land https://www. . Absolutely unbelievable! Even if available, this should have been one of those $250,000+ "For Sale" websites. One thing for sure that I can tell you is that praying for good things to happen really, really works!

Why Essential Powder™ you ask? Because my formulation is in the form of "powder" in convenient Mylar packets that you easily rip open and mix with exactly one-cup of water (in a large glass or storage jar) to last for up to 7-10 days of pleasant digestive relief. (Chill if desired. Sip as necessary). Any why the word "essential" in Essential Powder™?

Because FAST digestive relief is really rather ESSENTIAL, is it not!

*Please note the FDA requires us to use the words "temporary" and "occasional."


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