AQUA MIST - The Affordable 97% Water Saver

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AQUA mist nozzle is an affordable cheap nozzle that saves 98% of the tap water by cutting down the flow rate below 400 ml per minute. This water is more than enough for the basic applications like washing our hands or even doing the dishes.

The water from the tap flows through the adaptor and is guided towards the nozzle where it gets atomized to tiny droplets, thus increasing the surface area of the flow and evenly gets distributed. In countries like India, tap water is widely used for cleaning purposes and not for drinking. People tend to waste them as the normal flow rate is around 8 LPM, they don't realize the importance and don't take efforts. Water savers cut down the rate up to 3 LPM and claim 80% water saving, and by doing a recent survey 40% of the houses still use faucets without pressure pump.

Aqua Mist solves this issue by cutting down the flow rate saving 97% water without compromising the washing experience. It works well in taps not assisted by pressure pumps too. By adjusting the ergonomically designed nozzle cap we can change modes between light mist and dense mist. A free flow mode could also be set by turning the cap even further, still saving 85% water. The water gets sprayed to form the nozzle and forms a layer or two on the surface of the object ( hands, dishes), this layer is more than enough to wash. The best part is that the manufacturing cost of the nozzle is less than $3 making it the most affordable water saver. You can almost save the money spent on the nozzle in days of installing.

Initially, we wanted to test our first set of prototypes and the feedback we got made us correct the minor issues. The nozzle was initially made from plastic and brass. later the usage of brass was increased making the nozzle more durable. The flow spread area could also be controlled by adjusting cap. The prototype was initially cylindrical, but we made the actual design in prism shape making it more ergonomic to handle and giving better aesthetics. If this product comes to market the total cost would be less than 600 INR. In countries like India, the product should be affordable that they can adapt. hence this nozzle could be the solution for the water scarcity in countries by saving thousands of liters every day in commercial places and even in houses too.


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