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At Bansen Labs we are harnessing the power of technology to enhance ability, access, and inclusion for people with disabilities. Our first product, Xogo, is a universally accessible technology adapter. People with disabilities use Xogo to connect to any consumer technology they want.

There are one billion people worldwide with disabilities. On the surface, each person’s needs are drastically different, and a highly fragmented market of niche solutions exists to meet specific needs. However, a core set of overarching challenges--social inclusion, independence, and technological access remain unaddressed. We are empowering our customers with an elegant solution to a pressing social problem, allowing them to lead more fulfilling and connected lives.

Xogo is an adapter that takes advantage of the assistive and off-the-shelf technologies available in the market and bridges them to consumer technologies never before accessible to people with disabilities. The adaptive tech and accessibility market is filled with low-tech solutions that don’t address the real needs of people with disabilities. Xogo changes that with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and is universally compatible with virtually all consumer technology. Our patent pending platform allows people to connect their assistive devices such as buddy buttons, joysticks and more to Xogo, and then connect our device to the consumer technology they choose, to include, PlayStation, Xbox, cable boxes, smarthomes, and more. Xogo is unlike any other device on the market because of its completely customizable software that makes it the new go-to standard for the disabilities community. Most importantly, Xogo provides individuals with an opportunity to gain independence and the ability to be social with their peers through the new access to shared technology.

We are currently working on outsourcing our manufacturing and expect the full manufacturing, assembly and packaging costs for the production units to be less than $60 per unit. The products currently on the market are extremely expensive ($1,000 and up) and not very user-friendly or attractive. We are seeking to create an easy and cost-efficient solution to create an inclusive environment. We will sell Xogo directly to customers as well as working with third-party distributors such as hospitals and cable providers. We have already established many working relationships with these companies, such as Comcast, Craig Hospital, Shepherd Center, and Mount Sinai.

Bansen Labs is always dreaming, inventing, and connecting. We are currently exploring the potential to utilize the technology built into the Xogo as a software instead of a hardware solution. We are creating a downloadable app that will enable users to manage their entire home and entertainment settings at the touch of a switch. Our goal is to find solutions to a pressing need in the disability community and our team of engineers and staff will do whatever it takes to improve the quality of life of individuals that are often overlooked and marginalized.



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    Ray Abel
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