The Utility Barrow

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The Utility Barrow was inspired by the increase in number of people affected by annual urban flooding. This is due to the increase of low socio economic communities based on river banks and flood-prone areas.

These communities face flooding 3-4 times per year. Combined with open sewerage, these waters are highly contaminated, dangerous to be in, and leave mud a debris through houses when subsiding.

The Utility Barrow aims to assist these residents in pre and post flood clean up, acting as a traditional wheelbarrow. The barrow can also be used as a sizeable vendor cart for selling goods at marketplaces. The main advantage of this design is the rotational moulded hollow body, producing a buoyant force that can hold up to 300kg. This enables save evacuation of valuable possessions, elderly, women and children through shallow floodwaters, and furthers as a personal watercraft when flood waters increase.

The design has been optimised to comfortably sit all users from 5th percentile females to 95th percentile males. Thus, an increases internal capacity of 120L enables users to move more in a single load. Optimal handle length has enabled a lever arm force required to lift a full load to only be equal to lifting 20kg. Furthermore, a heavier OEM wheel if fitted to enable stability when in full flotation mode; the wheel balances the load of a human sitting towards the back of the barrow.

Manufactured from HDPE in a rotational moulding precess, enables a light, yet robust frame that is sealed and hollow. he hollow air pocket can still support 200kg in the event of a capsize where the barrow becomes full of water.

The Utility Barrow is a is designed for year round use, improving the cleaning process and mitigating risks of contamination in flood waters inside of these riverside communities.



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