Smart Security Watch

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Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone, but especially for women. Violence against women is a persistent problem and remains a largely neglected issue. Whether walking on city streets or using public transport, going to work women and girls are subject to threat of sexual harassment and violence. Violence against women often goes unreported due to lack of proof. Also, there is safety and security issue for tourists. Human trafficking, kidnapping, women harassment are concerning issues for society.

A personal “Security Watch” that can be worn and is connected with embedded sensors which automatically detects if the user is in danger and communicates via Bluetooth module attached to the microcontroller with a smartphone application. The smartphone application sends emergency message and location to emergency contacts (pre-saved by user in app) to call for immediate help at the victim’s location. The app also initiates recording of audio in this situation via microphone that acts as proof.

1. The embedded sensors (pulse sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope) detect the situation of its user and if they exceed the permissible value (or if user has pressed SOS button) then, microcontroller automatically sends a signal to smartphone application via Bluetooth module.

2. The smartphone application that has inbuilt GPS location enabled capabilities, starts sending location of the user and the emergency message (message already saved by user in application) via a SMS and also starts recording audio from microphone in an emergency (acts as proof). These contacts are previously saved by the user in application database and these may include friends, family etc. letting them know that user is in some trouble and they can get required help to victim on time at that location.

3. This SMS when sent, vibrates the smartphone to make victim feel comfortable that help is on way and also a blaring buzzer is initiated to scare away attacker and it being symbolic of calling for help available in the surrounding near the victim.

4. If the victim has been injured then smartphone application could show her list of nearby hospitals along with their addresses so that the victim could receive immediate medical help.

Fitbits and smartwatches are already in market. Thus, incorporating sensors and battery to make “security watch” and designing app is manufacturable. The hardware cost to make one “security watch” would be roughly about $50. When manufactured in bulk, the prices will reduce.

Kidnapping, women harassment, human trafficking, and tourist security are concerning issues in society. So, “security watch” will be helpful for women and tourists thus, having a huge market.

Enhanced safety and security for women, tourists etc. thus better quality of living at affordable price. Also, a digital watch looks aesthetically attractive.


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