Conductive Adhesive

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The Conductive adhesive has found their scope in various applications. To enlarge the scope and reduce the price of conductive adhesive and Conductive Ink, the synthesis of conductive adhesive in this product is made through Copper and Graphite.

The conductive adhesive is a replacement to the soldering for attaching electronic components to the circuit board. The composition of adhesive includes Copper Nanoparticles doped in Graphite. The cost of manufacturing of this conductive adhesive is approximate $20 per litre.

The shear strength of dry adhesive obtained by Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is approximately 0.6 Mpa which provide significantly strong grip to most of the electronic components.

The sheet resistance obtained is 3 Ohms Square.

The conductive adhesive has significant stability in higher temperature also, which makes it usable to join and coat high tension wires also.

The scope of this conductive mixture can be extended by using it as Conductive Ink. By adding additional diluter to the mixture, the adhesive can be transformed into Conductive ink. The Conductivity of the mixture is independent of the amount of diluter. However, on increasing the amount of diluter, sheet thickness reduces because of higher fluidity which causes an increment in sheet resistance.

The adhesive is non-conductive until it is completely dry. The mixture takes approximately ten minutes to dry out. The application of warm air-blower can speed up the process.

Comparison with the Lead-bearing solder wires, this mixture is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The ink formed through this mixture can be filled in 0.7 mm ball point pen for drawing circuits.

This adhesive has a significant use in demonstration and teaching children about electronics, without letting them use a hazardous heating rod for solder. Also, it can be used to make prototype circuit board instantaneously.

The use of adhesive in comparison with is the solder is easier and it can be efficiently used by unskilled people as well.



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