Human Powered and Electric Powered Advanced Floor Wiper

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This innovation has been developed to make more efficient floor wiping by overcoming the problem of manual floor wiping.

The wiper is driven by electric motor instead of human effort to clean the floor more easily, fast and without uneven stops.

Design statement-
It has following parts:
1. Wiper
2. Cylinder mounted on casing of appliance to guide the wiper rod
3. Driver wheel with adjustable crank radius
4. Electric motor mounted in the casing of appliance to drive the wheels
5. Connecting rod to connect the wiper rod with the driver wheel
6. Universal joint to provide degree of freedom in the connection of wiper rod & connecting rod
7. Appliance’s self-inclination adjustable body to enclose the mechanism and to make all appliance movable
8. Handle to steer and control the cleaning

Following strokes completes the working cycle.
1. As wheel rotates in CCW direction it will pull the wiper to perform wiping function.
2. As the wiping stroke completes, the body of appliance adjusts its inclination to lift off the wiper from the floor to complete or assist the next back stroke.
3. Appliance can move here and there to clean all floor by following the directions given by operator or even by computer in case of automation.

Note: The appliance can perform its function with the help of computer control.


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