KwikCoil, A Completely Unique Cable Management Device

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My patent pending KwikCoil, is a “very unique” cable management device that when attached to any “existing” cable, cord, string, rope, tubing, hose or wire instantly brings it to order by transforming it into a self organizing, retractable non-tangling version of itself.

The complete KwikCoil is constructed from "one single contiguous piece" of space age alloyed wire. It requires no other componentry, mechanisms, clips, fasteners, adhesives etc. to perform its function.

To convert a cord, the user simply winds the kwikCoil around the target cord. The winding process intimately attaches, locks and integrates the kwikCoil onto the cord and causes it to become an organized retractable cord. No other user involvement is necessary.

Additionally, unlike traditional pre-coiled cords, the original “uncoiled full design length” of the target cord is still available with the kwikCoil attached.

Though initially designed for ear buds, USB and charging cables, KwikCoils provide useful utility across a wide spectrum of extremely large market segments (ex: commercial electronics, industrial, medical, audio, Jewelry, home and military) consisting of billions of existing cords. Present focus is on Commercial Electronics where in the last ten years approximately ten billion cords have been created and delivered.

KwikCoil saves time and frustration. Due to the enormous scale of the market, if every existing commercial electronics cord had a KwikCoil attached, and it saved the user only one minute of time of untangling, just once, over the lifetime of the cord, it would eliminate over 19,000 years of wasted time. Which is approximately the amount of time from the beginning of the Mesolithic period until today.

KwikCoils can have many retractable geometric forms that can range from traditional coils, to flat "s's", to "hearts" for jewelry markets.

The illustrations below demonstrate the following: 1) The first shows the KwikCoil attached to earbuds and shows that the full design length is still available to the end user. 2) Shows tangled ear buds before the KwikCoil is attached. 3) Show three users with their KwikCoils attached.



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