Weight Scale Pallet (WSP)

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In the sales company, we often find the problem as follows
1. The stock of goods that are not appropriate.
2. The product is out of date.

The first problem usually occurs because of the lack of accuracy of labor when receipt of goods or goods issued. Certain cases are usually in complete packaging, the content of the reduced product also sometimes occurs.

The second problem occurs due to the lack of worker attention until it expires. This happens because the amount of expiration printed on the packaging can not be read clearly (selecting the type, color and font size that received less attention).

After doing some analysis of the experience of the field, then made a solution to overcome two problems above, namely: WEIGHT SCALE PALLET (WSP).

Weight Scale Pallet (WSP) is a digital scales with computerized system that can provide information directly on the main server of goods received. As for the expenditure of goods, WSP will receive sales information from the main server automatically when the invoice is printed.

The sales information received by WSP will then be automatically managed in the WSP program, delivery point of goods, vehicles used, simulation of the preparation of efficient goods, and products that must be issued first. WSP is equipped with camera sensors and laser light to automatically analyze the shape and size of the product simultaneously to provide simulation of product arrangement on the pallete or above the vehicle.

Equipped with wheels, WSP can move automatically while carrying the product to be stored or removed. WSP uses sturdy steel material as its frame. For the WSP body uses fiberglass lightweight but still sturdy.

The LED display in addition to providing an elegant look is also intended so that the writings displayed can be read well by workers. Standard size WSP 70 "x70" Using lithium batteries that can last for 24 hours in active state.


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