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“PolyBat provides power when you need it most, its rugged, lightweight and instant on”

A user can be a professional tradesman, emergency worker, camper or a home handyperson, anybody that needs a large capacity power supply. It is for devices other than normal Power Tools such as 12V lights, portable fridges, small 240V appliances, USB devices etc.

Using a rack mounting system PolyBat combine multiple power tool batteries into a powerful power package.

Brief description of solution:
PolyBat is a device which enables multiple Portable Electric Tool batteries to be connected together onto one assembly. The purpose is to provide a power bank for applications other than powering tools. Different Amp_hour batteries can be mixed such as 5Ah with 2Ah to get 7 Ah.

Benefit for the user:
A travelling camping user can use the power bank to power a camping refrigerator, USB, air-pump, 240Volt inverter or various lights. He/she could also accumulate power from solar panels or connect multiple units in a string.
This gives a new application for the power tool battery.

Target groups:
A person who travels away from usual mains power and needs some home comforts.
Lithium batteries are the best for capacity, length of life, quick-charge.
The best batteries the average person has is the latest power tool batteries.
Dedicated batteries just for camping are hard to justify.
If he/she is away camping and the batteries are in the shed it is a waste of a great resource.

Multiple battery sockets similar to Power Tool charger are connected via electronics to control and adapt voltage. Multiple batteries in parallel enable longer run time. The electronics could also provide solar charging and metering.
Common 12V sockets such as cigar lighter socket or anderson plug and 5V USB .

Why is it better than other methods?
More features: Compared with motorized generator battery power is safer, more reliable, instantly available and more easily controlled.
Lithium Ion are much better battery than the older Lead-acid, Gelcell, NiCad or NiHd types. They are much lighter, charge more quickly, hold charge longer.
Scalable. PolyBat can grow from 90 watts to 3kw and beyond. o Redundancy.
If individual batteries lose charge , the system will continue, a fuel system will stop. o Portable.
Can be literally rolled to site using inherent wheel design. o Lightweight.
25kg total, compared with up to 50 kg Fuelled generator. 20kg of batteries can be carried separately to site. o Rugged.
No moving parts, battery packs are individually quality control tested by internationally well-known manufacturers. o Silent.
No motors except cooling fan. o Safety.
No fuels to worry about. o Instant on.
No need to start the motor, hot or cold. o Extra single batteries are small and can easily be carried as spares,

Cost: PolyBat enables the user to take advantage of the exceptionally good quality rugged, expensive Li-ion batteries that are already provided by



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