The Sub-0 Home Freezer

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The “Sub-0 Home Freezer” is an occasional use, domestic, counter-top flash freezer. All commercially frozen food is flash frozen today. Clarence Birdseye discovered how flash freezing preserves the pristine qualities of fresh food by minimizing formation of large ice crystals, and thus preserving the taste. This technology has not been available to the consumer, until now!

My patented flash freezer is not just an improvement on an aspect of refrigeration, rather an entirely innovative approach to enabling the home cook to freeze their favorite recipes and store for later use, without sacrificing taste. To accomplish this, all aspects of the refrigeration process have been scaled down into a unique and economical flash freezer for the home. While 0⁰F is sufficient for storing frozen food, it is not cold enough for the initial pre-freezing temperatures necessary to flash freeze.

The real beauty of the design is its simplicity and therefore ease of manufacturing. All components are common refrigeration elements. Retail pricing ultimately should be well under $200, that is based upon the fact that the design complexity is similar to that of a dorm fridge. These generally retail in the $100 range. Clearly the design lends itself to low manufacturing cost, which will result in high volume sales!

The consumer can pull out this appliance, plug it in, and flash-freeze anything they want, essentially making their own “T.V. dinners” but with their own fresh ingredients and favorite recipes. Thus, it will do for food preservation what the microwave has done for food preparation in the home.

My patent has been issued very near to the beginning of America's latest food movement. Many people are choosing healthier diet options, such as gluten-free, low sugar, low salt, and less processed food.  Whether it’s a person with health-related diet restrictions or the busy family who wants to prepare and serve only the freshest, best food to their family, this product makes it easier than ever to prepare meals the way they want, with the ingredients they want, and then flash freeze their homemade quality meals to put in their home freezer for later use, essentially allowing them to make their own “T.V. Dinners.”

Similarly, in 1994 the George Foreman Grill launched, and has sold over 100 million units since! That was just when the country's awareness of dietary fat being bad was embraced. During the 1990s, the low-fat craze changed the way Americans eat. The Grill was introduced at just the right time. Consider George's famous mantra … “The lean, mean, fat reducing, grilling machine.”

Both products are kitchen electrics, neither has been available to the consumer previously, and their initial retail price is similar. The big difference – you can either use the George to cook your hamburger, or grab the frying pan and cook it, or go outside and use the BBQ. However; you cannot replicate flash freezing with anything in the current kitchen!

Hence, timing and unique capabilities will provide provide a substantial competitive advantage.


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